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Beyond Bouquets: Creative Ways to Use Valentine's Day Roses in Your Home Decor

Beyond Bouquets: Creative Ways to Use Valentine's Day Roses in Your Home Decor

The month of February is the month of love.  Do we actually need to wait for February to express love? So, finally the wait for this month is over! We are all thrilled to convey our wishes to our loved ones. However, this month of love can be used to express love and emotions in a special way for your someone very close to your heart.

Valentine's Day is not celebrated only by couples - it is for friends, for mother-son, father-daughter and any one for that matter. It is basically to express how much you care for the special one in a unique way. 

Blossom your Love with Valentine Roses

Celebrate this beautiful day by sending Valentine's Day roses in a special manner. You can choose from several unique ideas available at CFG - like, you can get the Valentine’s Day roses delivered for your sweetheart at the midnight hour. We will deliver the rose day gift with cute smiles and make your loved one feel more special. And if you have forgotten to plan something special - don’t panic at all. You can send flowers online too in a special way from us. You can click from the many options and get same day rose bouquet delivery and make it more unique by adding chocolates to it. 

Ways to Decorate your Home with Flowers


You can never imagine the level of happiness when your loved one receives this token of love in a special way. Sometimes when words fall short, these roses create a huge impact and show how much you care. But what to do with these flowers the next day - throw them? A Big No

You can use the valentine day rose flowers in creative ways and show your loved one how much you care for the gift you have received. Here’s how: 

  • Open the bouquet of flowers and put them in a beautiful vase along with candles and make a beautiful corner.
  • Keep it in the center of the dining table and plan a beautiful dinner. In this way you can continue to celebrate another romantic day with the love of your life. 
  • And if you want to pamper and fantasize something more romantic, think of decorating your bathroom. You can fill the bathtub with rose petals, place fresh towels and fragrant candles and plan a romantic shower experience. 
  • Or you can pluck the petals and spread all over the bed, dim the lights of the room and enjoy the romantic evening with your LOVE. 
  • You can dry one or two flowers and get them framed and hang it on a wall to cherish it forever. 


Valentine’s Day is a special day and roses are the most romantic way to express love. You don’t need a bunch of roses for that matter; even a single rose can show you love warmth, care and effort for your loved one. Add a spark to your romantic life on Valentine’s Day with beautiful roses and thank us later.