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A Guide to Choosing the Best Barbie Doll Cakes Online for Your Daughter's Birthday Party

A Guide to Choosing the Best Barbie Doll Cakes Online for Your Daughter's Birthday Party

Choosing the best Barbie doll-themed cake for your daughter’s birthday is very thoughtful of you. Surely, your daughter will be on cloud none after receiving such a wonderful surprise from you! You must be very excited but by now you must have realized how challenging it can be. The task is just not as easy as it looks. However, do not fret! CakeFlowersGift is here with various factors that you need to follow and give a check to before you finally order the Barbie doll cake birthday for your princess. 

Theme and Design

First of all, deciding on a particular theme is very important. There are multiple Barbie doll cake decorations available with us. Make sure you choose the one that is the best birthday cake for your daughter. It should complement the theme of the party as well as your daughter’s interest. After all she is the reason why you are doing everything. 

Cake Size

You should finalize the guest list. This will give you an idea regarding the number of people you will have to serve. Accordingly, you can order cakes of different sizes such as single-tier or multi-tier. Don’t go for too much extra! It would cost you money and in the end, the cake might also go to waste.

Cake Ingredients and Quality

Whatever choice you make in the end, do research on the ingredients and whether it is fresh or not! However, we make sure to use high-quality ingredients worth the price you will be paying. This will ensure that the cake will appeal to everyone’s taste buds just as they did to their eyes. 


Mostly all online bakeries at this time allow a customization on the cake. You can choose a Barbie doll cake photo and play around with Barbie doll cake dress. This will definitely help you add that extra “awe” factor when you present it in front of everyone else. 

Order In Advance

Waiting until the very last minute before placing the order is utter foolishness. Check for the availability of your desired Barbie doll cake and place the order a few weeks back. In this case, if anything ever goes wrong with the bakery you originally ordered, you will still have ample time to switch to another one. This also ensures that your adjustments are taken care of much more carefully. 

Barbie doll cakes are much preferred for your Princess. So, if your Princess birthday is soon approaching, then you must start planning the design and pattern of cake to be ordered for her. By carefully considering the above factors you will definitely be able to order the perfect Barbie doll cake for your daughter and make the occasion extra special. You could also do a hidden camera thing on her first reaction when the cake is presented to her. It will be a cherished memory for both of you.